Tension Leveling is the process of pulling the strip beyond its yield point to permanently change the shape of the strip and make it flat. If you have an edge wave, the concept is to stretch the shorter fibers in the center of the strip so that they will match up in length with the longer fibers from the edge wave. Conversely, if you have a full center, you are attempting to stretch the edges of the strip to match up in length with the center buckle. If the strip is consistent in length across the width of the strip, you have created flat steel. The tension leveling process is a combination of elongating the strip and bending the fibers over a series of work rolls. Tension leveling will eliminate edge wave & center buckle as well as correct excessive crossbow and coil set.


Hengzhong Heavy will tension level HRP&O, Cold Rolled, Cold Rolled Full Hard, Galvanize, Galvalume, Aluminized, Advanced High Strength Steels, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium and Painted Products. Hengzhong Heavy will guarantee 5 I-Units of flatness or less within our published range of capability in the absence of build-up in the strip.

It then can be Tension Leveled to create panel flat shape in coiled sheet products or be cleaned for the removal of oil as well as other loose materials. Should the width of your material need to be changed, we can remove as much a 3″ of material per edge with our inline side trimmers, eliminating the need for additional processing.


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